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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

About And Primus

Primus Social is an innovative new social site that combines socializing, privacy and residual income all in one. This is truly a way to connect with friends and family with the flexibility to manage your content like never before. The pay plan is second to none allowing you to earn income from all of your direct referrals as well as indirect referrals, providing multiple ways for you to earn an income by simply being a Primus Social upgraded member and sharing the opportunity with others.  


Primus Social offers 4 profiles for the upgraded member to manage and enjoy. Your Personal, Family, and Professional profiles will allow you to determine which content you would like to share with each group, as well as post on your board to any or all your profiles at one time. The Privacy settings will give you peace of mind knowing that your connections can only see what you have posted for them to see. 

Your Blogging profile will allow you to share your thoughts and post them in Primus Social or anywhere on the web, giving your readers the option to follow you as well. Primus Social will give you full access to stay in contact with all your connections, keep your down line updated and motivated, or just let your friends know your mood. Primus Social will be the landing spot for all your other Primus Hub opportunities allowing you to stay connected with a simple click of the mouse.

Income Plan

Primus Social upgraded members pay a $12.95 monthly membership fee and are placed into a 2x20 matrix. Primus Hub pays over 80% of the membership fee back out to the members in the matrix. 

Income can be earned on all 20 levels by qualified members  for all direct and indirect referrals. A direct referral is someone that you personally sponsor; an indirect referral is someone that is sponsored by someone else that is above you in the matrix. 

The matrix is designed to be filled as evenly as possible so as new members are recruited by someone above you, they will fall in the next available spot in the matrix which may be on one of your 20 levels. If you are qualified for that level you will be paid a monthly residual income as they pay their membership fee.We made qualifying simple and easy. 

To be paid on your first 5 (FIVE) levels you only need 2 (TWO) direct referrals.

To be paid on your next 5 levels you will need 2 (TWO) additional direct referrals for a total of 4 (FOUR) directs, making you eligible to earn income on 10 levels. 

To be paid on the next 5 levels you will need 2 (TWO) additional direct referrals for a total of 6 (SIX)directs; now you have opened up your income opportunity on 15 levels of your matrix. 

By getting 2 more direct referrals for a total of 8 (EIGHT) directs, you will be fully qualified and eligible to earn income on all 20 levels of your matrix. Primus Hub  is constantly recruiting and building the business to help its members be successful. 


• $12.95 Monthly Membership Fee
• 4 Profiles – Personal, Family, Professional & Blogging
• 2x20 Level Company Forced Matrix
• Only 2 Direct Referrals needed to be paid on 5 levels
• Get paid on direct and indirect referrals
• Earnings are deposited monthly to your Primus Hub e-Wallet


Sunday, July 29, 2012

ZeekRewards Urdu Video Tutorial Step By Step

ZeekRewards Urdu VideoTutorial Part 1

ZeekRewards How to Join Urdu Tutorial Part 2
ZeekReward How to work and post add Urdu Tutorial Part 3
ZeekReward How many ways to earn and how much earn Urdu Tutorial
More Parts Coming Soon

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Solid Trust Pay in Urdu

SolidTrust Pay

When you click on signup then you will see this message
Its mean your account is created but Email confirmation is still reaming
Please verify your  Registered email

Your Account has been created Now open this website to Login your account
Then you show this screen

Monday, July 23, 2012

Alertpay Payza in Urdu

Alertpay / Payza in urdu

Alertpay / Payza

اب آپ اپنی دی گئ ایمیل پر جایئں وہاں پیزا کی طرف سے ایکٹیویشن ایمیل موصول ہوگی اس پر کلک کریں لیجیے آپکا پیزا کا اکاوئنٹ بن چکا ہے اب آپ اسے استعمال کر سکتے ہیں۔
اس سے پہلے آپ کو اپنا فون نمبر والڈ کروانا ہوگا۔


Online Banks for investing and Withdraw Money (urdu)

Online Banks for investing and Withdraw Money
آن لائن بینک کسی بھی کمپنی میں انویسٹینگ یا ہماری پیمینٹ کیش کروانے کے کام آتا ہے۔
دوسرے لفظوں میں آن لائن بینک آن لائن کاروبار کی لین دین میں استعمال ہوتے ہیں اور یہ سب فری ہیں۔


سولڈ ٹرسٹ پے
(Solid Trust Pay)
Click for details